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Your Portal to New Interests

With Bible Study Bridge you receive a window into the students in your area, their habits, and ways that you can connect. All with the goal of bringing someone from your community through the doors of your local church.

Within just minutes your portal will be ready to receive it’s first interests.

Your Portal Allows You To:

  • Choose the studies that are right for your community
  • See the progress of each student
  • Communicate with anyone utilizing the system

You can add additional users and volunteers to help you keep up with all of the interests at their various stages.


Seekers STUDY the Bible

Seekers in your area enter Bible Study Bridge through your portal at

Once there, they will have an opportunity to choose from any of the studies you have authorized for your portal.

Bible Study Bridge Studies Offer:

  • Media-rich environments – for video and other types of learning
  • Automated reminders – to help keep interests engaged in completing a study
  • Completion certificates – encouraging students to complete studies and get excited about starting their next one

Workers CONNECT with the Interests

Bible Study Bridge is designed for connection. The ultimate goal of every interest is to bring them into the life of your local church community.

In order to encourage connection, we have built a complete communication platform that allows your team volunteers to communicate directly with interests. They can inquire about a particular study, ask for prayer, or start a dialogue about an upcoming event. The built in communication platform will connect your church with your online interest, so that someone is there to nurture their spiritual growth and cultivate a relationship.

Bible Study Bridge is Focused on Connection

  • Communication Platform – allows for consistent interactions
  • Transparent Communication – Adminsitrators can see all interactions between the volunteers and the students

New Interests ENGAGE with Your Church

Engagement in the local church is the end goal of all Bible studies. Bible Study Bridge combines its interactive connection tools with an administrative panel where you can watch the progress of each seeker and get to know their interests and challenges.

You can invite the to a local church event and congratulate them once they complete a lesson.

the entire experience is designed to lead interests toward in-person, face-to-face interactions with their Bible coaches.

Use Bible Study Bridge to

Monthly Interests

Bible Study Bridge integrates with SermonView’s proven Bible study card mailers and online marketing packages, allowing you to create a consistent pipeline of interests at different stages of development.

The simple-to-use reporting allows your ministry team to nurture more Bible study interests than ever before. As soon as your interests are moving toward the end of their lessons and looking for more engagement at your local church, you can send out another round of marketing that will introduce a whole new group of interests into an online study.

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