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Introducing Bible Study Bridge, connecting you with people in your community who want to study the Bible.
This online platform, developed by Native Ministries of the Oklahoma Conference, is the next generation of interactive, online Bible studies.
With BSB, interests don’t just study the Bible, but actually cross the bridge from online interaction to in-person engagement in the life of your local church.

What’s Unique About Bible Study Bridge?


Seekers in your area will enter Bible Study Bridge through your custom online portal. There, they will have an opportunity to choose from any of the proven studies that you have connected to your site.

  • You choose the studies that are right for you and your community.
  • You can see where each student is at in their progress.
  • Studies are interactive with media-rich environments that can increase learning beyond simple, printed lessons.
  • Completion certificates for each lesson


Bible Study Bridge is designed to help seekers cross the bridge from an online study into an invested relationship in the life of your local church. In order to encourage connection, we have built a complete communication platform into the software.

  • Automated Activity Reminders: Seekers associated to your church will receive reminder emails to help encourage continued engagement with lessons.
  • Event Invitations: Bible Study Bridge allows you to create custom invitations that your interests can see every time they log into the site.
  • Every Student Gets a Coach: Interests will be directly connected to members of your church. These Bible Study Coaches will be encouraged to interact with interests about specific lessons, prayer requests, or upcoming events at your church.


Engagement in a local church is the end goal of all Bible studies. BSB combines its interactive connection tools with an administrative panel where you can watch the progress of each seeker and get to know their interests and their challenges. You can invite them to local church events and congratulate them once they complete a lesson. You are now in a personal relationship with your interest. This is the key to BSB’s program–online interaction to in-person engagment.

Interests don’t just complete Bible studies, but actually cross the bridge from online interaction to in-person engagement in the life of the local church.

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